Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bufford has a Tumor.

We found a lump on Bufford's leg last night, and thought, this could be nothing or something serious. A few year ago he had a lump on his neck and the vet had no idea what it was, but it went away. Thinking it was another weird thing like that, I almost shrugged it off, but decided better safe than sorry and called the vet this morning. She did a fine needle aspiration on it and at first she thought it was just a cyst. Closer examination under the microscope revealed it was actually a tumor. She explained that it should be an easy procedure, but it'll be painful for my poor buddy. She has to remove a big chunk of his skin in surgery, which'll be a little expensive.

I'm opening up the donation fund, if anyone feels like they're comfortable donating, that would be awesome, and we would all greatly appreciate it. Send him good thoughts and things for quick healing and less pain.