Friday, April 22, 2016

Sprouts are sprouting

 Planted  on Thursday the 14th, and four days later on Monday the 18th the first signs of life have appeared!! I'm tickled pink! I can't wait to keep measuring their progress. I can't remember what I planted in each pot either haha, so it will be a fun surprise!

EDIT 4/22/16 hired a man to mow the lawn and he knocked over two pots(what an imbecile. Won't be hired again!) I saved all the babies I could find it was truly heart breaking but I think they will be alright!

Pansy Report: They are still alive, I haven't murdered them.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

366 Project - Week 13

94/366 - Had a Mom day! We went to get Chinese food, then afterwards had frozen custard, and then took a nap.
95/366 - This is technially from Sunday, but the only pic I took was of my schedule so this will have to do. Duke looking lovely with a nice snapchat filter.

 96/366 - One of friends who frequent the coffee shop, Matt, surprised me with ice cream and totally made my day!
97/366 - Thrift Haul from an impromptu trip with Mom!

98/366 - Rachel came to town!! We got burritos and went shopping :)
99/366 - This leaves me with so many questions... spotted while walking Steve.

100/366 - And on the 100th day it snowed??? Come on April, get with the program :|

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blush Sauce

I saw my roomate, Kaci, making a delicious looking pasta the other night, and I inquired as to what it is. "Just a blush sauce". A what? Apparently it's basically a tomato sauce with heavy cream. She said it was her go to, and it smelled heavenly, so I couldn't wait to try my hand at it. I found a recipe on Pinterest and got my ingredients. It turned out to be SO GOOD. It's very rich, as you may have guessed. I threw some chicken in there so I got my protein serving haha. Give it a whirl, it's pretty easy - Recipe here

Ready for action!

Boiling and simmering.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Colourpop Ulta Matte Lippies

I am SO excited about these new lipsticks! Ever since Madi and Lauren came to visit in October and let me try on theirs, I've been dying to get my own but just kept putting it off. Well, you may or may not know that I battle dermatillomania- a compulsive skin picking disorder. It stems from anxiety. I pick mainly at my lips and cuticles. It can get pretty bad sometimes and the scarring on my lips can be embarrassing. It got pretty bad recently- It's not always stress/anxiety induced, don't worry I'm doing pretty well in that department lately. Sometimes it's boredom/lack of things to do with my hands and they just fidget into picking.- and I figured putting on some lipstick would give my lips time to heal and discourage me from picking(don't wanna smudge that color!). The color choices of lipstick I had are all pretty old and or extremely wild in color... I wanted something a little more subtle yet still interesting. I knew Colourpop would be there to save the day. I got on and ordered three matte lippies, and thanks to their coupon for signing up to their newsletter I got $5 off! The email I got said it could take 3-5 days to process, and and extra 2-3 because they've been extra busy lately. I was a little disheartned to have to wait but to my surprise I ordered them on Tuesday and they arrived Saturday! Super fast!! I eagerly watched the tracking on my phone at work while it said they were out for delivery and hurried home to get them when my shift ended. Oh they're glorious!! I just adore them. I struggled to restrain myself from ripping open the packaging so I could take a photo of the cute sticker on the outside. I immediately tried on all three(much to my lip's dismay of rubbing colors off) and oh they're so great!!

 My three colors of choice. Here's them on:


 Kind of a gray beige. Into it.


 Gorgeous, dusty rose color.


Feeling silly taking this many pics of myself and my lips at this point.

 A darker, dramatic rosey beige.

Like I said, they're pretty darn awesome. They stay on really tough, I have to get creative to get it off because I don't have makeup remover. I used an oil based lotion haha. I didn't take my time here as you can see, but you can get away with not wearing a liner if you get precise with your brush. They're gorgeous pigments. You can wear chapstick underneath if you prefer, which might make it wear off easily when you eat, but makes it easier to take off at the end of the day.
If you have any questions about them I'd be happy to answer fellow curious makeup lovers! As you can tell I'm pretty stoked on them :)

Steve is too.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mini Target Haul

Got a couple of cute things from Target with Rachel a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share!

"The spot" is my greatest weakness. I can never pass up the $1 and $3 goodies. These succulent cards are beautiful and I can't wait to send some out. The washi tape gives me Twin Peaks vibes for sure, might incorporate that into my pin packages, or just save it for scrapbooking. I plan to make my way out to Washington to see where the show was filmed at some point, so you know I'm going to have a barrage of photos from that journey.
Look how beautiful this journal is. Dunno if you know, but writing has been my greatest home therapy remedy since I was a teenager. Nothing like clearing out my brain and getting all those thoughts bouncing around in there onto paper. This brand had a few awesome looking notebooks, it came down to this one and one with bees. I'm going back for the bees next time!

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Gardening

The weather has been in peak conditions this week and my allergies have been off the wall. With zyrtec and nasacort in my system, I'm still able to function without looking like I've got two black eyes! I made a trip to the dollar tree for some cheap supplies and found a lot of fun gardening stuff, so I figured that would be a fun thing to do with my roomie. We also spent a day shopping around at various garden centers. I swear I'm becoming my Mom, I used to hate plant shopping now I'm so into it, I want to buy all the plants and I'm okay with it. So we planted all these seeds in pots for the the front yard, and I'm so excited for them to sprout! I hope I inherited my mother's green thumb as well. We bought some pansys for my hanging plant, and I got a cactus and a pathos plant for my room. It was a great day spent outside with Courtney!

Got my shovel form the spot at Target!

Grow babies, grow!!
I'll post progress shots as all the children grow :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

366 Project - Week 12

87/366 - Spent Easter with my family, we went to Dairy Queen!
88/366 - The graffitti on the overpass spoke to me, as did the mood of the sky, so I had to grab a shot on my way to yoga.
89/366 - Really into decorating my room with flowers. Bought two tulip bouquets from Kroger on sale.

90/366 - Hiking around with this dingus
91/366 - Feeling really cute.
92/366 - Cutie sun bathing in my thrift store chair.

93/366 - No Photo :(