Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Nails!

 I got the urge to paint my nails the other day, and decided on a nice subtle nude shade, and some simple leaf designs I poked in with a pin(dipping a pin in a blob of paint and using it like a teenie tiny paint brush). I really liked how the turned out!

Here are the colors I used... looks like someone chewed on my "wicked" one.

Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

In keeping with my goal to make at least three new recipes a month(which I've already surpassed by a few!), I decided to try to make this dog treat one for Steve. It was fairly simple, and after seaching multiple locations for a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and coming up empty handed I warped in old heart shaped one and went to town. In hindsight I should have diced the apples a bit smaller but ah well, what can you do. Steve loved them anyway!

Those eyes say "Wow, thanks Mom!!" haha

Becky Home-eccy

I made a list of fall/winter goals so as to keep myself busy and not fall into some sort of seasonal depressive episode. One of my goals is to try new recipes, and I've already surpassed my goal(three a month) and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! I got my ingredients and some new mason jars and went to town. The first thing I made was overnight oats, recipe found here: click!

pre-raspberries and almonds!

Very easy and fast to make, and very yummy. I had enough to make the recipe about three times, and each made about two servings.
Then I made rice krispy treats, which is not a new recipe, but it was still fun to make with my little helper, and very delicious.

I googled to find the recipe for the hungarian mushroom soup we used to serve at the coffee shop I worked at in Alaska, and I couldn't believe I found it! It tasted just like it, it was delicious nostalgia haha. The recipe is here, and it is soooo good.

I will say the parsley was awful, skip that step. It looks pretty but yuck haha.

I'll keep you posted as I try new recipes! If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear, I'm just looking through pins on pinterest in the meantime :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Carriage Hill

Anne had another park recommendation for Steve and I, and oh it was a good one. We trecked out on November 3rd and it was a sweltering 75 degrees- seriously I went thinking 'Oh, it's fall, I know it's gonna be in the 70s today but it won't be muggy or crazy hot' and ended up peeling off a few layers to just a tank dress and was still sweating my buns off. Ohio is the weirdest! But I love it. 
It was super gorgeous, there was a lake and a little pond, and lots of different trails. I only took one that was like 2 miles long and there were 4 or 5 others... I'll be back sometime. There was also a farm! It said no dogs though so I didn't explore, but that's there for next time.
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Kissy kissy!

What a handsome hunk, am I right?!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Woodland Cemetery Murder Mystery and Mayhem Tour

Madi is cute as a button!
I was googling fun fall things to do around Dayton, and came across an event my favorite cemetery was hosting titled "Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Tour" and you know I was so stoked. Thankfully Madi and Lauren were also stoked(but Lauren ended up nursing a nasty hangover and ended up spooning Steve all afternoon). They gave us all lanterns(not oil though, which is good because I dropped mine...) and as soon as we started in a storm rolled in and we got drenched! It was awesome though, it totally set the mood, it was so spooky and gorgeous. I never imagined that there were such interesting stories behind some of headstones, I guess I always just imagined everyone died of normalish circumstances? I never really thought about it. But there are murderers buried there, and victims, and some of them never even got justice. Also our tour guide was hilarious, and we loved her. I think they said that was the last tour of the season, but when they start back up, you bet I'll be going to more!

Johnny was a little boy who fell into the canal. His dog jumped in and pulled him out but he had already drowned. His dog stayed by his grave for weeks until he disappeared. The family didn't have enough money for a headstone, but a local artist heard the story and was touched and made this monument for them.

So spooky!

Spooky creeps!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

When Madi and Lauren came to visit I knew I wanted to take them to do a lot of fall activities! One of which I knew would be a great photo op was visiting a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, we kept ending up at places that were not patches, but front yards with pre-picked pumpkins. We decided to just grab pumpkins there since we were losing daylight, and our pictures still turned out really cute!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sugar Creek

Since moving back to Dayton, I've been exploring and finding all kinds of places I never knew existed! My boss Anne knows about all kinds of great metro parks and recommends them to me because I always want to take Steve on hikes to wear his energizer bunny butt out. These photos are of Sugar Creek, and it was so lovely. Steve got anxious in the prairie, but other than that we had a great time. Lots of neat things to see!
One of the three sisters.

A beautiful tunnel.

I think Steve wanted to find a dog he saw earlier, and was nervous about not being able to see through/over the tall grass.

Hilight Reel of Madi and Lauren's trip to see me!

I consider myself to be an extremely lucky gal because every year, two of my very best friends- Madi and Lauren- travel all the way from Alaska to spend time with lil ole me! I look forward to it all year long, and always try to come up with fun stuff to do so they'll fall in love with Ohio and move here(they fell in love but I'm still waiting on that big move (; ). Lynne even drove up from Tennessee to spend time with us as well. Here are some of the things we got into:
Slumber party makeovers!!

of course I made everyone squeeze into a photobooth...



Hiking at Charleston Falls!

Lauren and I in a cave!

Carving our pumpkins!

Burrito baby!