Hi! I'm Cady(rhymes with lady), sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy.  I'm 26 years old, and I'm a barista! On my day off you can find me shopping, thrifting, shooting photos, or eating delicious foods with my friends and family. Or if my wallet is on the empty side, binge-watching Twin Peaks and the X-files on netflix or reality shows on MTV, and playing with my pup. Besides myself, I take care of Steve(the staffordshire terrier??), and some succulents. I like to collect photobooth photos, cameras, blankets, pins, and cute socks. My friends like to joke that tea and coffee are my elixirs, because I'm never without one or the other. I also have an obsession with ice cream and donuts, and sometimes people wonder if that's all I eat. Sometimes I like to draw, paint, and craft. I like to read about intersectional feminism, and open closed minds. That's about it! :)

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