Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Altering Clothing

Last month while I was shopping with my Mom and little brother, I found this great little vest. The only problem was that it was a size large. After folding it up in the dressing room I figured I was crafty enough to cut out a pannel to make it fit me better. So I bought it and Jared helped me figure out which seams to rip and where to cut. Seeing as I don't have my own sewing machine, and Jared and I didn't have much time to neatly hand sew it, I took it to my Mom who does have a sewing machine. She took it up to her awesome little sewing nook in the spare bedroom and finished it up within 5 minutes!

How awesome is this?! She got inspired by something she saw in a a magazine and decided to make her own!
 Now check out how cute this is!

 Its so versatile! I can wear it with basically anything, just to add a layer and make an outfit more interesting. I love it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The dog got his day!

Last month we discovered Bufford has a condition called keratoconjunctivitis sicca, but 'dry eye' is much easier to pronounce. Its very common in bulldogs, and it just prevents his eyes from producing tears naturally. So we'll have to give him eye drops every day for the rest of his life. We've been going for routine checkups every couple of weeks since because he also had an ear infection, and we're trying to figure out if he needs the drops twice a day or just once. 

Annnnyways, Boof is a little weirdo who LOVES the vet! I shouldn't make fun though, its really great because the vet loves him too, and he's always a happy camper. He even enjoys the car ride to and from. Thankfully this last visit wasn't too painful for our wallets, which was also a plus. Afterwards we decided to take him to the dog park to let him play. Last time we went he was the only dog, this time there were a bunch. There was even another Bully! 

Bully Butts!
Even though Babygirl tried to put the whoop down on Boof when they were sharing their water, I think they all had a great time together, sniffing butts and running around. We want to take him way more often to meet new friends and play!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flower Power!

I LOVE Spring! I also HATE Spring! I love the flowers and the start of a new year, the earth coming back to life and getting warmer. However, all that means... ALLERGIES; UGH KILL ME. I am miserable over here, no amount of visine or antihistamine is helping. I want to rip off my face, everything itches, and I kinda want to dieee. Yet these beautiful flowers almost make it worth it. Not really but I can't stop snapping photos of them!

I think these survived the weedwacking my crazy neighbor did to my front yard last year and grew back!!
Dogwood, pretty! But so so stinky...
The best color I've seen on a daffodil!
Hi, I like flowers.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mindless Self Indulgence @ Bogarts!

Last Tuesday Lynne and I traveled down to Cincinnati to see Mindless Self Indulgence! We'd been beating around the bush for months beforehand about whether or not we were going. We saw them last year around this same time and it was an amazing show then, so I don't know why we were hesitating so much. I think mostly because of money and scheduling, but we finally worked it out and decided to go.

The weekend before I got off of work early one day and realized I needed to get an outfit together! I'd been planning to cosplay Juliet from lollipop chainsaw(its a videogame), because her outfit is on point. The lead singer(or mic commander if you will) of Msi is Jimmy Urine. He did the music for the game and voiced the first boss, so as a perk in the game, one of the unlockable outfits the main character(Juliet) gets it a gender-bent version of one of Jimmy's old stage outfits. So I set off to the thrift store and then the mall, and somehow managed to find all the perfect things! The jacket was a little too big, but otherwise I think I nailed it!

My reference photo of Juliet
I had to turn a pair of awkward hot topic underwear into a top. Yes, I am a crafty lady.
So when Lynne arrived we headed to the mall to get her an outfit that looked like the bassist's (Lyn-z). After we finally managed that, we were off. We arrived just in time for the opening band's set. Before we went in, I ALMOST chickened out and wore a black jacket. I'm really glad Lynne told me I should go all out.

The show was incredible! We didn't stand too close so I had plenty of dancing room, and oh man did I dance my ass off! I was sore for several days afterward. It was extra awesome because we were expecting them to play only stuff from their new album, but they played so much old stuff! Like decade old stuff!! It was so much fun. A couple of people came up to me and complimented my outfit too which was great.

Lyn-z shreddin' bass.

After the show, the band always comes out to sign autographs and hangout. Last time we didn't wait around to talk to Jimmy, but this time I was determined to because of my outfit. We hung out and met the other band members first.

Steve signin' shit.
Waiting on Jimmy....
The fabulous Kitty(who plays drums) recognized me from a pic I posted on twitter!
Lyn-z and me! (Our nails look fly, btw)
Then fiiiiinally the crowd around Jimmy started to die down and I was kinda hovering near by. I started to walk toward him and he saw me and got all excited.

Jimmy: Ahh You dressed up! Thank you for that!
Me: (super excited now) Yeah you like?!
Jimmy: Yeah I love it, you look like Juliet!

And then my life was made. I was all giddy and a little nervous and stoked all at the same time. So then I asked him if he would take a picture with me and he said "Yes of course!" and waved me over, and all of a sudden our arms are around each other and Lynne takes the perfect picture and ahhhh!! I couldn't have had a better experience meeting him. I can remember dancing around my house and backyard up in Alaska singing like him, and then finally meeting him now was just so awesome. It was perfect.

I just love everything about this picture. Our hair, his expression, our outfits, how we're huggin' on each other. BWAA!
We left after that, so giddy and exhausted(Lynne couldn't stop talking about Lyn-z calling her adorable, and I couldn't stop going on about Jimmy loving my outfit). I've been on a high from it for days, every time I listen to my ipod, it's msi or the left rights. I even changed my phone's wallpaper to that photo! I already can't wait to see them live again.