Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fundraising time!

So Jared's sister is having a sailor theme'd wedding, and we found the perfect dress! But it's $240 :,( But! I had an idea to offer my services as an artist! I'm selling doodles for $1. I have a lot of followers on Tumblr, and a lot of friends on Facebook, and if at least 240 people participate, I can get the dress!

Here are some old examples of my artwork :) It probably won't get this extravagant, but you get the idea, you dollar won't be wasted!

If you would like a drawing, just let me know, and donate here

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I wore; Little Birdies

I am really excited about this shirt. I found it last night on an impromptu shopping trip and had to have it.

Haha, I don't know what Bufford is doing here.

Shirt - Charming Charlie
Shorts - Pacsun
Cardigan - Target
Shoes - American Eagle circa '08
Plugs - Body Jewel

Special thanks to my sweetie for snapping these shots :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day with the Fam

Yesterday I spent memorial day with Jared and my family. We drove all over trying to find someplace to swim, and everywhere was PACKED with people. Finally we drove down to the river and it was PERFECT. The water was great and there weren't a ton of people. There was also a water balloon fight when we got back. I brought the polaroid I got at the thrift store, and turns out it was a full pack of film!

Monday, May 28, 2012

What I wore

There was a random tent filled with awesome paper lanterns! They were HUGE!

Cardigan - Target
Bag - Target
Necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - American Eagle

I took Bufford to Carillon Park on afternoon off, in one of my new mod cloth dresses! WOW, do I love this dress. Brown is my color, and the floral print just makes it that much better. Not to mention it's so light and comfortable. It's PERFECT, ahhh my favorite. I'm so happy I got it. I got the email it was in stock while Jared was driving us to his family, and I was so worried it would sell out that I ordered it on my phone's slow internet! haha.

I wish I had gotten better shots but I forgot my tripod. Not to mention I was trying to let Bufford free roam and explore since we were the only ones around, and I kept worrying he would get too far. Distracting puppy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Litte Thrift Haul!

The day before yesterday Jared and I went thrifting on our day off. I wasn't expecting to buy anything exciting because I think my camera collection might be growing too large. But I wanted to do something out of the house anyways. Boy, did we find a couple goodies!

I love needlepoint stuff, and this reminds me of Alaska. Plus it was only $.69!

This great pan! Which for some reason, Bufford decided to start licking while I was trying to photograph it :/ Weirdo dog.

This is THE BEST find. I found a polaroid with film still in it, for $.99. So I bought the whole thing figuring if the film was a dud, thinking some film I had at home would fit it. Well the film at home didn't fit, but! The film inside it did! (the shot above is a neat dud from when we were testing it at the thrift store)

See! I don't know how many are left inside but I can't wait to find out :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raspberry Chocolate French Macaroons!

I've been dying to try macaroons since I first saw lovely pictures of them all over tumblr. However, I have never seen them for sale anywhere! So I looked up the recipe and found one that looked promising. I went to my Grammy for help, since I'm not the best cook, and I really wanted these to turn out. Not to mention she has way more cooking tools than I do :)

Ready to go in the oven! Cute little blobs :)

Grammy in her apron :)

mm, yum!

Macaroon Mountain!

Duke enjoying one :)

And Jared, haha.

And Grammy!

Oh Charmin, you wish! haha

Overall they turned out really well for our first attempt, and now we know how to make them even better next time! I definitely recommend taking a stab at it.

The recipe can be found here!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bufford's Birthday!

Today marks one year since we've adopted Bufford J. Carmikal(yes I made him a full name for when he's in trouble. No I don't know why he has a different last name, I just liked the ring of it)! Since we don't know his actual date of birth, we're celebrating it as his birthday. So he is officially 3 years old. To celebrate I bought him some special treats, including a tough new spiked collar, a "bully bone", and a birthday biscuit!

Here are some photos of our little celebration of our furry beast.

Lol! I didn't have time to buy birthday hats so we recycled new year's ones and Jared taped over "new". hahaha

Pouting, party pooper.

 Lol! didn't enjoy the hat.

Blowing out his candle!