Thursday, August 27, 2015

What I Wore - Cactus Pants!!

 Shirt - Gap
Hoodie - Urban Outfitters(very old)
Jacket - Thrifted(Gap)
Joggers - Forever 21
Sandals - Target

I gotta let you guys know, the men's section of Forever 21 is KILLING IT!! I'm obsessed, they keep putting out the best colors and patterns...I'm not interested in the ladies stuff lately. I came across these pants, and didn't buy them right away and regretted it. I thought about them all night and went back the next day and I'm so glad I did. My Mom calls them my "pjs for everydays" haha, and they really are. This is my first pair of joggers and they are the comfiest most awesome pants. I love them.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Modcloth's Namesake Line!

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There is always something exciting going on at ModCloth and currently it's that they've begun to design their own garments! They've got such great taste in picking out items from other designers, it was only a matter of time until the decided to pump out their own gems. What they've put out so far is just darling, here are a few of my favorites:

So cute! Check out what other fab styles they've come up with here:

Charlavail, Madi, and the Happiest Camper!

The first weekend in August, I was lucky enough to accompany Vail and Madi on their journey to craft and camp across America! They stopped in Cincinnati at a campground I had no idea existed, so I decided to gather my courage and go. Twenty nervous outfit changes later, I had my bag packed and I was ready to go meet them. I'm a very socially anxious person, and I'd usually rather avoid it and stay home, but I know I need to become a stronger person and make more friends so I pushed myself to take the opportunity. I was so happy I did, I had such a wonderful time! I met so many kind people and had a lot of great conversations. We tie dyed things, doodled, roasted veggies, and made s'mores(Vegan s'mores, hello I am a changed woman and can never go back)!
I went home that night and after thrifting with my Mom, met up with them again at Ault park where even more people had gathered to embroider beautiful designs Vail had made up for everyone. It was so peaceful and calming to sit in the shade with a bunch of nice people all flowing positive vibes into the atmosphere. I made even more friends, and met up with the same ones from the night before.
It was truly a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful that they stopped in my city. Vail's dogs Melon and Bear were super adorable, the happy camper full of crafts was lovely, the project is inspiring, and Madi and Vail are so kind. If they're stopping in your city I encourage you to meet them, you'll have a great time. You can find more information here!

The Happiest Camper in action!

Delicious vegan cookies brought by Taylor.

A gift for Vail from Taylor.

Happy Melon :)

Taylor and I in instax snapshots!

Lowkey obsessed with Melon and Bear...

A beautiful sunset.

S'more time!

Panorama of the park meet up!

I arrived late and got a good start but I still need to finish. Positive Vibes forever!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meeting Internet friends IRL

Chances are if you're a millennial and reading this, you have a few friends who exist strictly in the realm of the world wide web. Internet friends are a wonderful people you can spill your heart too without fear of judgement or bias, and are always there when you need them(especially when you're a teenager in Alaska stranded at your house 85% of the time). They're technically the strangers your parents warn you not to talk to, but you do it anyway because you've got your wits about you and you can tell who's a creep and who's a real gal your age.
In 2006 I was logging into a My Chemical Romance based forum to talk to fellow fans about anything the band was up to, and build friendships with strangers. Two of which named Victoria and Michelle stuck around like glue and transcended from the board, to all my other planes of social media. We would chat daily on msn, and I'd spill my guts to them about boys and other pains of youth. As we've gotten older, I've gotten bad at keeping in touch, but we still remained pretty close. In July, they planned a trip to come and stay with me for a week! I wasn't able to take a full week off of work unfortunately, but we made the best of it and had an absolute blast. Here's some of the photos of our time together.

Victoria arrived first because Michelle's flight got delayed due to storms earlier in the day. So we went out for burritos!

Delicious Mexican food!

We went down to Kentucky to explore the Red River Gorge.

Riding the sky lift was pretty friggin terrifying.

Victoria took this picture of me and we were expecting it to blow up and be internet famous haha!
We had such a great time, and I'm so grateful that the traveled all that way just to see me :)