Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cady Culture

I made it my goal to kick 2016’s ass because 2015 kinda kicked mine. So to start I decided to chase after a little dream of running my own small business. I’ve long been admiring and supporting others in their pin making, patch making, and art creating efforts. I decided to take some of my savings and invest in getting my first lapel pins made. I’d written up a list of things I thought I would love to have as pins, and got inspired, and picked one I knew a lot of people I know would also love. I drew up my design and sent it to a company. A few emails back and forth and working with a graphic designer, and I got back a proof I was stoked on. I put in my order and now I’m waiting for them to be made and shipped. I am so excited to show you the proof for my first pin: latte art! The first run is limited to 100. I showed my boss and he loved the design and wants to sell them in our shop, so they’ll be available there and in my online shop. Follow the instagram to be notified when they’ll be arriving and available to order!
The proof! Coming next month!!

Original sketch for my webstore profile photo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

366 Project - Week 3

17/366 - Slow Sunday’s at work with Al.
18/366 - At the slumber party we played cards against humanity, and this particular card sent me into hysterical laughter so intense all I could manage was to squeak. Who comes up with this stuff?!
19/366 - This guy being a good boy and laying down while I make crepes
20/366 - Playing in the fresh snow with Steve!

21/366 - Breakfast with Sophie before she left on her trip to Germany (´;︵;`) My first time eating eggs benedict and they are INCREDIBLE!!
22/366 - A dying plant I rescued from Kroger. I hope I can bring it back to life!
23/366 - Newest pin purchase!!

24/366 - Ready for the X-Files premier!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Slumber Party

I always insist on photobooth pics!
Its hard to get any group of friends together, but I still manage to wrangle all my high school besties into one place every once in a while. With a month or more notice, we were all able to request off work and everyone came to spend the night with me. It was a lot like our old slumber parties, except a little calmer and with booze, haha. We went out to dinner at Christopher’s and got ice cream at Coldstone, then came home and gossiped away into the night until we realized it was nearing 7am. I had so much fun catching up with these hilarious and sweet ladies, I can’t wait to do it again. I’m hoping for next month on the 13th for ‘Galentines day’ ;)
Rachel and Kendra

Lyzzy and I

All of us!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Food Goals

Doing a lot better on making new recipes this month! Made two new sandwiches and crepes!!

The first was a turkey pesto sandwich. It was just okay, didn’t blow me away. I think part of the problem was I was so hungry that I didn’t heat it long enough so the cheese didn’t melt haha, but eh, it was easy to make!

The second was delicious! I skipped making the pesto the recipe calls for so I imagine it would be even better with it, but I don’t have a food processor or blender so that’ll have to wait. I smooshed it against my skillet and made it panini like and it was a great quick after work pick me up!

The crepes were SO GOOD. I waited too long to make them, and some of my fruit went bad, but I had just enough for one breakfast and it was heavenly. It makes a LOT of batter so be prepared for a feast, or cut it in half or even a quarter if you’re dining alone, I ended up wasting a lot. I also ended up with some thick crepes but they were still awesome. I smothered those babies with nutella and stuck some fruit in them and devoured. A lot cheaper than the ones at the market(but a bit more labor intensive so what can ya do?)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book Club

Lol, I might have put his paw there...

For my goal of reading a book a month, I’m doing pretty good!I’m two down, two to go. I’m sure I could read more if there weren’t distracting things like Steve and the internet haha, but at least I’m actually reading a book a month vs like…one a year.

I remember when I was 16, spending the night at my best friend at the time Christal’s house, and her waking me up playing the dresden dolls. At first I wasn’t a fan but then they really grew on me. Then I found out about Amanda’s solo stuff, and this year about her Ted Talk and her book. While Madi and Lauren were here we stopped in the book store at the mall and I picked it up. It was really entertaining, and I love her perspective on life. Like everyone I do sometimes have a hard time asking for help, I’m what my Mom likes to call “fiercely independent”. I love Amanda’s views on asking for help and the human connection. Definitely would recommend this to pretty much anyone.

I started this when I was still in Cincinnati, but got distracted by how quickly my life was changing and never finished. I found it in the thrift store and beelined to it and Mom said that Duke really wanted to get me it for Christmas but they couldn’t find it anywhere, so she insisted on getting it for me haha. I love love LOVE Cesar. It’s low-key(who am I kidding hi-key) my dream to live on his dog ranch and help him train dogs for a living. I love watching his show and learning little tips to stay calm so your dog can read your energy and work with. So I’m going to re-read what I already read, and finish it this time! 

I am always hearing about this podcast, and I saw the book while I popped in the library with my Mom and decided to grab it. Hope it’s as good as the hype!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pink Hued

I bought a new succulent baby, and I’ve been trying to pull my room into a mid-century modern(finally learned the technical term for my taste in furniture) aesthetic. Here’s a little nook on my dresser that I absolutely love. The art is by my Mom, based off a painting by Bunny Miele! Mom recreated it for me as a Christmas present last year :) and the ice cream cone was a beautiful lucky thrift find haha. I really want to paint my room white, but I’m scared it will get expensive… we’ll see. Slowly but surely it’s coming together!

Its so pretty!! Little sniffy nose is always interested in what I'm photographing :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thrift Haul

Some awesome frames that almost made me wish I had bad eyesight.

I went thrifting with my Mom on my day off last week, and we got pretty good haul! We went to St. Francis, and Mom had printed off some $10 off coupons, so we spent a few hours in there digging for treasure haha.
The Cesar Milan book and a bone shaped cookie cutter to make Steve dog treats! Lol, he's a hand model btw.

Beauty bundle.

Film that expired in 1998! Mom found that, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Since he was so keen on seeing what I was doing I made him model my bandana.

Look at da teefs!!!

AWW YEAH! It's gonna be a a kick-ass summer ya'll!

This could kick-start my career/dream of opening my own ice cream shop.

I also got an adorable vintage dress with strawberries on it that I can’t wait to wear this summer!! It’s so cute and flowy, and I intend to wear it whilst I pick strawberries :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Detroit Trip

Sophie decided to get a passport the quick way by going to an agency, and the closest one was in Detroit, so she asked her brother and I to accompany her. The day came and of course it decided to snow, but Sophie drove slow and got us there safely. It was FREEZING, so we didn’t stay for too long. There seemed like so much fun stuff to see, but we were pretty tired from getting up so early to get there on time for Sophie’s appointment. So we saw a few things, got some lunch, and then headed home.
I kept using the snapchat tags obnoxiously all day. If you wanna follow me its "caderss"

Joe in the huge warehouse bookstore.

Beautiful interiors of a building downtown.

crappy drive-by photography of a cool building with huge statues.

Saw some graffiti

A good but strange salmon burger. Very different.