Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hiking Bill Yeck Park

I asked one of our regulars at the shop where he likes to hike and he recommended Bill Yeck park, which I'd never heard of. Always down to explore new places in nature, I had the good fortune of having a sunny warm Friday off of work. I loaded up Steve and we set off for adventure. It was a pretty darn lovely place to hike for sure, I was kind of concerned about getting lost a lot of the time though. Also there was a part called wild flower hillside, and there were no wild flowers on any hillside, so that was a mild let down, haha. Nonetheless I had fun watching Steve sniff around like a wild man, and bravely jump into the stream for some light swimming. Between that and yoga, I could barely move that evening, and spent it cleaning up my laptop(spring cleaning, lol!). I sure do love my little exploring partner :)
I must have crossed at least 5 of these in different places which got confusing and made me wonder if I was going in circles.

Deer tracks!!

Apparently, Steve is part meerkat.

Most interesting tree EVER


and another!

Post hike

Love my baby :)