Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What I Wore - Oldies but Goodies

Everything featured is more than 3 years old or so except the necklace and shoes so I won't bother posting the usual outfit rundown. The necklace is from Altar'd State and the shoes were a gift from Mom(K-mart I think). The shorts are vintage Guess jeans I thrifted and cut into shorts! I'm pretty pleased with the turn out, I even made the little holes myself. The top and sheer cardigan are from Forever 21 back when I lived in Alaska. It was about 90 something degrees when I tried to take these photos, so bare with the crazy fluffy hairdo :) While I was taking the photos the mama deer made an appearance. We've spotted her a few times down by the creek. This time she was solo eating some plants, but the last time she had three fawns following her arcoss the road! Three!! They were so cute. Hope you're enjoying the muggy hot sunshine as well.

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