Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm a Quarter of a Century!

It's my 25th birthday today!! I can't believe I'm this old. I had such a great day, and its kind of turned into a birthday week really. This past weekend Sophie and Lynne came down to visit and we went out to eat, then next weekend I'm hanging out with Jared and my parents. Today I came into work and turned on the light and the whole office was decorated with balloons and streamers! My boss Danielle is really the best, she even made me a cake and brought me a tiara. I really feel loved all around. Jared got me animal crossing and a nintendo 3ds xl for my birthday and gave it to me early and I played it on my break and even the little characters celebrated my birthday. I have a hundred million posts on facebook to get to so I'm gonna keep this post short and sweet and kinda jumbled and all over the place because yay birthday! and yay Sophie just showed up!  
Real quick- funny story about these awesome balloons, a customer returned them a few weeks ago and I got them for $1 each on sale. I took them to Kroger last night got them filled up and carried the huge obnoxious things around the store with me as we shopped. Got them all the way home and then the 5 got stuck on the trim overhang roof of the house, popped off the string, and floated away into the night. I was devastated!! Haha. Then I ran to party city after work today and found they had the same kind so I bought one, and all was well again, and Jared helped me take some outfit photos.
Long time no see blog! :)
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 Sweater - Show and Skeleton Sweater(Modcloth)
Pants - Pac Sun
Socks - Sock Cardigan
Boots - Doc Marten
Jacket - Forever 21 two years ago.

Bufford wanted to "help" me haha.

He kind of just wants to destroy the balloons haha.

Its very hard to get them to go on the correct direction...

Helpy helperton again.

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