Friday, September 18, 2015

My Makeup Bag

Excuse my bleeding lips, I've been picking mercilessly.

So the idea came to me this morning to do a post about what my every day makeup routine is! It's super simple bc I'm not really skilled, and I'm also pretty lazy/low maintenance in that department.

BOOP! That's it, lol. On the most typical day, this is all I put on. Okay so we've got the adorable bag I got for $.09 at the thrift store, standard lash blast mascara you can get literally anywhere, a basic sephora slanted eyebrow brush, Kat Von D eyeliner, and Anastasia dark brown brow powder! Voila. When I used to work at Fusian, I met a girl named Erika who introduced me to the world of amazing eyebrows. I had always just plucked mine to death and called it a day. I met her and marveled at how she shaped and filled. She explained how she filled them in and so I set off to find out how I could sculpt mine into masterpieces. What I found was Anastasia and I've never looked back. Though I will say my Mom got me some urban decay brow stuff for my birthday that I use from time to time that is super rad as well. The Anastasia is over a year old and I still have a ton left... I know you're supposed to throw makeup out after 3 months or something but... I think it's safer than old mascara or something that's going to give you a stye. I dunno, makeup ain't always cheap, I hold onto it as long as I can haha. Then last year Madi introduced me to the heaven that is Kat Von D's eyeliner. I was using some Mabelline drug store pot and brush crap that went on liquid and dried like glue, and I'd rub it off and pull it off at the end of the day and end up ripping out eyelashes, and it was painful and sloppy and ugh why did I bother? Well Madi showed me the light when we were at Riotfest, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. She let me borrow it pretty much every morning as I got ready and I was like "I have to get my own, this is the best". It's so much easier to put on and I have so much more control, it's great! It stays on, doesn't smudge, dries quick. So I slap these things on in the morning if I'm feeling like it, and I'm off! Now you know my little beauty secrets :)

I've got on the Nicki Minaj Mac lipstick here.

And some sort of drug store plum lipstick here.


  1. Your lips are so perfect! (pick or not). You could do cosmetic commercials.