Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Woodland Cemetery Murder Mystery and Mayhem Tour

Madi is cute as a button!
I was googling fun fall things to do around Dayton, and came across an event my favorite cemetery was hosting titled "Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Tour" and you know I was so stoked. Thankfully Madi and Lauren were also stoked(but Lauren ended up nursing a nasty hangover and ended up spooning Steve all afternoon). They gave us all lanterns(not oil though, which is good because I dropped mine...) and as soon as we started in a storm rolled in and we got drenched! It was awesome though, it totally set the mood, it was so spooky and gorgeous. I never imagined that there were such interesting stories behind some of headstones, I guess I always just imagined everyone died of normalish circumstances? I never really thought about it. But there are murderers buried there, and victims, and some of them never even got justice. Also our tour guide was hilarious, and we loved her. I think they said that was the last tour of the season, but when they start back up, you bet I'll be going to more!

Johnny was a little boy who fell into the canal. His dog jumped in and pulled him out but he had already drowned. His dog stayed by his grave for weeks until he disappeared. The family didn't have enough money for a headstone, but a local artist heard the story and was touched and made this monument for them.

So spooky!

Spooky creeps!

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