Thursday, November 26, 2015

Becky Home-eccy

I made a list of fall/winter goals so as to keep myself busy and not fall into some sort of seasonal depressive episode. One of my goals is to try new recipes, and I've already surpassed my goal(three a month) and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! I got my ingredients and some new mason jars and went to town. The first thing I made was overnight oats, recipe found here: click!

pre-raspberries and almonds!

Very easy and fast to make, and very yummy. I had enough to make the recipe about three times, and each made about two servings.
Then I made rice krispy treats, which is not a new recipe, but it was still fun to make with my little helper, and very delicious.

I googled to find the recipe for the hungarian mushroom soup we used to serve at the coffee shop I worked at in Alaska, and I couldn't believe I found it! It tasted just like it, it was delicious nostalgia haha. The recipe is here, and it is soooo good.

I will say the parsley was awful, skip that step. It looks pretty but yuck haha.

I'll keep you posted as I try new recipes! If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear, I'm just looking through pins on pinterest in the meantime :)

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