Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Two: My Vacation

Day two we went exploring. We found a little nature reserve center, and there were all sorts of critters inside. In fact, there was even a turtle wondering around that my Dad didn't see, and accidentally kicked! Don't worry not hard, just enough to scoot him a bit, like a little hockey puck, haha. Of course I forgot to take my camera in, ugh, sorry ya'll. Then we went to the pier which was a lot of fun! It was super windy out over the water, we had to wear coats and everything.
So cute, and so close!
Bahah, I was pretty excited, and a little scared.
I think he's warning me not to get any closer.
Dad and the catch of the day! Hehe.
Another, lol, Pelican obsession!
After the pier we wondered around some silly gift shops.
Duke's teeth are pink thanks to a giant jawbreaker, haha!

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