Monday, April 29, 2013

The dog got his day!

Last month we discovered Bufford has a condition called keratoconjunctivitis sicca, but 'dry eye' is much easier to pronounce. Its very common in bulldogs, and it just prevents his eyes from producing tears naturally. So we'll have to give him eye drops every day for the rest of his life. We've been going for routine checkups every couple of weeks since because he also had an ear infection, and we're trying to figure out if he needs the drops twice a day or just once. 

Annnnyways, Boof is a little weirdo who LOVES the vet! I shouldn't make fun though, its really great because the vet loves him too, and he's always a happy camper. He even enjoys the car ride to and from. Thankfully this last visit wasn't too painful for our wallets, which was also a plus. Afterwards we decided to take him to the dog park to let him play. Last time we went he was the only dog, this time there were a bunch. There was even another Bully! 

Bully Butts!
Even though Babygirl tried to put the whoop down on Boof when they were sharing their water, I think they all had a great time together, sniffing butts and running around. We want to take him way more often to meet new friends and play!

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