Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exploring in the Woods

There's a park not too far from us that we love to go hiking in. Its getting to be a little too hot for Bufford, but we got in a couple trips so far at least. Last time we went, we discovered this really neat side with an old bridge and train tracks. The train doesn't run anymore(you can tell by the fact that there are trees and shrubs growing through the tracks on either side of the bridge), so I got brave and decided to cross it with the boys. Bufford was really brave, he kept tripping and almost falling which terrified me, but he kept going. I thought for sure he would fall through a crack and take us all down with him, haha! I don't think he would fit though, I was just really scared. Jared also found a bunch of lizards and was chasing them up and down the tracks.

Red-bellied lizard friend!

Jared slipped and almost fell and it made me laugh >D

"Now kiss"

Cooling down our hot dog!

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