Saturday, May 31, 2014

Krohn Butterfly Show

I'd been wanting to go see the butterflies for a while but plans kept falling through. Jared and I finally got the chance, and I already want to go again. It was really crowded and really hot, but the butterflies were so pretty. I went in feeling terrified(I don't like anything with more then 4 legs touching me), I had this vision of being swarmed by butterflies. Ever since my friend Cat told me butterflies suck the fluids out of dead bodies, they've struck fear into my heart. These butterflies wanted nothing to do with me though, and the more the gave me the cold shoulder, the more I wanted to take a selfie with them. Sadly, they were all too busy flitting around to take one with me, so I settled on some with Jared :)
The desert room.

Check out those eyes! This friend landed on Jared's leg.

A pal on my back, the closest I got to a butterfly selfie.

Haha, I had to share Jared's face when it flew away XD



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