Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Charleston Falls with the Family(minus Dad)

My Hambone brother, Duke.

Such a ham.

Panoramic view of the Falls!

Someday, Duke will be taller than me ._.

Little bro in a cave!

Charmin was pooped after running around like a maniac.

What a cute face...

I don't understand why, but I find this place to be SO DELICIOUS!!
Went for a little hike with my Mom, little brother Duke, and Charmin the dog! It didn't last long before Duke wasn't feeling well. So we headed over to Airline Dairybar for some food. I am obsessed with that place! I get a chicken sandwich, fries, and a sundae with just peanut butter and marshmellow fluff every time, and I scarf it down like a last meal. Heavenly. Dad didn't go because he was in an archery competition. He got third place and won some bacon!! Mom fried it when we got home and it was delicious :)

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