Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mindless Self Indulgence III

Mindless Self Indulgence has been one of my favorites since I was in High School. It was Jared's favorite band, and me being completely enamored with him, asked him to burn me a cd sophomore year. At first I was like "...woah". They're a band that's not for everyone, it takes a little time to digest for some people. Once I mulled it over I had to have more. I bought myself a cd from Hasting's and it was obsession from there. I can still remember dancing around my yard with my ipod up in Alaska doing my very best Jimmy Urine falsetto.
They've been touring every year basically since I moved back to Ohio, and being that I was stuck in Alaska every time they toured previously, I've taken every opportunity to see them. This year marks the third year, and they've also mentioned they're going on hiatus. I made sure to get a ticket and make the most of my night. Boy did we ever though. I blew out my knee dancing like a fool and have had water on the knee since then(it pops at least once a minute and its swollen with fluid and the grossest thing ever), Jared went into the moshpit and sprained his ankle, and Lynne just got nice and drunk. All in all we had an amazing time, and I'm sad that I don't know when/if I'll get to see them again!
Lynne and I, pre-show.

Not pictured- Jared dropping all of his drinks >u<

A tasty drink with a misogynistic name.

The one, the only!

As per tradition, he briefly removed his pants.

After the show was bassist Lyn-z :) She walked up the stairs I was standing next to then all kinds of people started running over.

Kitty, the drummer! She always happens to find me on social media sites and I love it ^_^
Me and My buddy hamming it up :)

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, can't you see?

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me!

I love Jared for snapping so many pics of us XD

This is the best and most clear photo, and it rules. He picked the pose.

Lynne and I were waiting patiently to meet Jimmy, and Jared ran up OUT OF NOWHERE and flung his arm around Jimmy like they were old pals.

A big ole hug :) He said "Someone needs to get this person a cheeseburger right away!" haha, come on! 

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