Thursday, April 10, 2014

St. Vincent

Last Tuesday I went to see St. Vincent with a bunch of my pals from Dayton! We got really lucky and some of our friends let us sneak into the front of the line with us so we all got to be in the front row which has only happened to me one other time in my entire experience of concerts. (Thank you Celia and Baxter!!) Annie Clark put on an amazing show!! In fact I'm convinced that she's either an alien or an android. Leaning towards alien. Definitely not from this planet, she's just so etheral, and otherwordly, in the way she moves and sings. Loved it. She even had some choreographed bits with her keyboard/bassist. They looked amazing. At one point she reached her hand out to the audience and no one could reach her so I lept up and leaned over the rail and she grabbed my fingers in hers and was singing and I was like "ahhh!!" and I loosened my grip because I figured she wanted to get back to singing but she kept holding on and I was pretty star-struck. Eeep, I held Annie's hand kinda ^_^. Anyways, here's my photos from the show!

Waiting in line.

Mark and his infamous confetti(which he apparently threw at Annie when she held my hand. I'm still laughing about it.)

Oh, maybe she's a goddess.

But no maybe an alien.

A queen, obviously.

The best and most clear photo I took.

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