Monday, June 23, 2014

There's.... Something in the Trees!

So Jared and I were out on the back patio with Bufford making s'mores the other night when we heard something rustling in the area behind the garage. I started to get scared thinking a rabid wild animal was going to charge at us and steal my delicious melty treats. Jared(or should I say the vessel Steve Irwin occasionally possesses), grappled up the fence like the assassin's creed guy and onto the garage roof in one swift movement and began flashing his cell phone light into the trees. Not one, two, or even three, but FOUR pairs of glowing eyeballs blinked back at us like something from Scooby-doo. At first we thought they were possums, but as I passed him my camera and he sort of began to attempt to focus on our subjects, we discovered they were raccoons! Now I know who digs in my garden, little rascals...
Pom poko!!

This makes it look like a flippin' lemur.

Check out those ears!

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