Sunday, June 29, 2014

When Deloreans took over Dayton

It's probably your understanding by now that I'm obsessed with Daloreans. That obsession stems from my love of the movie Back to the Future of course. Well after I saw that random one over by the Kenwood mall, I was tipped off to the car show coming to Dayton. I made sure to take the day off and drove down to visit Sophie. She called to see where I was when I was just getting into town when one drove past me and I started squealing excitedly. We drove over and got to walk around and check them all out. There were so many it was mind boggling. So many colors and modifications I had no idea existed. Sadly I couldn't afford to go into the museum they'd set up or meet Christopher Lloyd(I'm crying tears forever about that!!), but at least I got to see the cars!

Plotting how to steal this and go back in time...

So cool!!

Check the plates.

...really? but really?

[screams internally]

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