Friday, November 30, 2012


This Thanksgiving, Jared's family came to stay with us! We had an awesome time playing with his niece Charlee and nephew Wyatt. We've never had kids visit so we learned a lesson in baby-proofing the house! I loved checking the house for zombies with Charlee and making Wyatt become bashful, such cuties. I also had a blast playing this card game with the rest of Jared's family. I was on the ground cracking up a few times, near tears. And all the food was delicious, of course. Not to mention Jared and his Mom put in my new car battery so I can drive again. It was a great Thanksgiving, I'm super thankful for the Stephens family :) They're the best!

Jared and Wy picking on Kate.

Boof was so well behaved! So proud of my boy :)
Jared and his mom prepping dinner! Yummm.
Charla doing "go-go style" with the "ipee" :)
Dogs and kids, the hardest things to photograph, ever.
Night-night, Pookie ♥

 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!

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