Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist!

I forgot to make one last week! I might have 2 times as many wishes :O! Here we go-

These sweater clips are also from Kate's shop, and right up my alley!
These socks are the end all be all, and soon to be mine. From Foot cardigan photo via Gilt City
What'll It Beetle? Dress from ModCloth has been on my wishlist for a while, and now its on sale!
Ideas Take Flight Pushpin Set from ModCloth So cute! Especially for those who aren't into 6 legged creatures or dead things ;)

This rug from Urban Outfitters would have me well on my way to turning my home into the Black Lodge...
This Pin by is very me.
paints some amazing things, including this Morrisey portrait.

I would love to have my nails done like this! Via Alicia Torello
Moxi skates are to die for. Photo by Wiisa
Cat Chu Wink lipsticks by Tony Moly are adorable! They're sold out, but you can still find them on ebay.
I love these leggings!

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