Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Biography of Steve

This is one of the first photos I took of him. he looks so gaunt and scared.
My actual birthday fell midweek last year, so I worked through it(and my boss that I liked was still there and she made me a cake and decorated for me C:) and came home. Sophie texted me that she was going to come down to hang out and we were planning to go out to eat. Jared came home and decided to walk Bufford.
Now earlier before he had gotten home I pulled back the blinds and saw some boys walking down the street with a puppy tailing them without a leash. I thought to myself how they should put a leash on him because that's dangerous because people drive stupid fast in out neighborhood and there are stray dogs from time to time... but what could I do about it really. So I went on to whatever I was doing.
They leave to go on their walk and I grab a pitcher of water to water my plants. I watch them leave through the window and notice that the boys are gone but that puppy remained. He came rushing back with Bufford and the puppy underarm. I didn't like where this was going.
 I asked him what he was doing as he opened the door and thrust Bufford at me, and he explained he was going to find out whose puppy it was.
Long story short, no one claimed him. Sophie arrived and our dinner plans were spoiled by this silly looking scruffy pup, but we still had fun and made breakfast for dinner at home.
We reached out to a local pitbull rescue and asked around to find out if anyone wanted to adopt a puppy because we were struggling ourselves with just Bufford and didn't want to take in another mouth to feed. A friend of a friend took him home for a night but reluctantly returned him when his roomate wouldn't allow him to keep the pup. The rescue service never replied to my email.
A few weeks passed and I had refused to call him anything other than "little dog". I really didn't like him at all in the beginning. He was not the french bulldog I had been dreaming of, and not even the boston terrier I had been willing to settle on. Wrong terrier completely. I was working full time at the miserable job I had at the time and was mentally and physically exhausted, and then came home to my part time job of house breaking and training this dingy dog I didn't ask for.
Slowly though, he began to worm his way into my heart, plucking all the strings relentlessly. I would be watching tv, and he would curl up on my lap without me calling him(Bufford rarely cuddles me, and I love to cuddle.) Those lovely empty puppy eyes(because he'd only been alive for a few months and hadn't seen or experienced much. What he had was undoubtedly negative because he arrived malnourished and covered in scars), always gazing up at me paired with that pouty lower lip that juts out due to his crooked under bite.

Showing photos of him to my Mom of him one night she said "you know that dog is never gonna leave," so matter of factly, and it dawned on me that she was right. I had just refused to believe it. Jared had been calling him Steve all the while(he thought it was ridiculous enough that he couldn't form an emotional attachment to a Steve. He was wrong.), and though I tried to fight it, it stuck.

And so I poured myself into seasons and online videos of Ceasar Milan: Dog Whisperer, to absorb ever bit of dog training knowledge I could. I worked with him more and more, and brushed Bufford up too. Continuously reminded myself that he's just a baby whenever I grew frustrated with him. Got them both up to date on their shots. Fell more and more in love with him as he followed me around and paid more attention to me than Jared. As he insisted on curling up next to me in bed, while laying upside down and falling asleep with his mouth open. Watched his wrestling matches with Bufford go from borderline hostile turf wars, to playful matches of strength with his brother.
The rest is history. I love this stinking little pup so much its ridiculous. The birthday present I didn't want ended up being one of my most favorite ever!
Excuse my messy room, but look at this happy pancake!!

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  1. Awwww he is gorgeous - he looks so happy to be a part of your family <3