Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sugar and Spice

Barbie breakfast dreamhouse?! Yes please!!
I had to make a post about this restaurant, I'm in LOVE! Jared and I often get stuck in routine and go to the same place over and over, which is fine(especially when the people at the Shaan know us by name and our orders by heart and are always happy to see us- love them!), but it's great to shake things up and try something new too! So that we did, and I am so happy we found Sugar and Spice!(it's probably going to become the new routine, haha).

We looked up breakfast spots on our phones and this came up for both of us with good reviews and it peeked our interest so off we went with our gps set. The wait was a half an hour, but upon arrival and seeing the place, we were even more intrigued and decided to wait it out.

 We walked around the building and checked everything out, like the little pig statue out front, and the little shed and ticket booth looking thing out back. While we were waiting a lady pulled up on the most beautiful scooter,  I was smitten. I've been watching an anime called Rolling girls lately and it's made me want to get one... but they're out of my price range at the moment. Anyway!

We finally got inside and got seated at the bar. While we waited we picked out rubber duckies on the wall that we liked(there were zillions.), then we noticed they were giving them out to guests. I spied a unicorn one and skeleton one and told Jared excitedly that I hoped I could get one of those.
After we ordered, one of the waiters came around four different times with plates of samples. He brought me an ice cream in a little cup(probably because I had on an ice cream tank top and ice cream earrings in), and came around with a plate of fried mac and cheese(I was like How?!), a plate of brownies, and I feel like there was one more I can't remember but maybe not... anyways I probably spoiled my appetite but it was all delicious and worth it. Then he came around and let up pick out ducks.

I picked this fabulous mermaid(which was a close tie with a dia de los muertos duck, but I was feeling more mermaidy then muerte), and Jared picked the flash. Then our meals came! I got the special which was peach toast and boy was it delicious! Jared got a burrito and biscuits and gravy(the waitress remarked on that "Boy, you aren't messin' around!" haha). The wait staff were all extremely nice and very funny, having all kinds of banter all over the place(there was some awkwardness of a waitress encouraging a busser to hit on a  customer which I thought was distasteful, but that was probably the only problem I had with anything there at all...). We loved it! Oh and right before we were getting ready to leave, our waitress came over and gave me a unicorn duck!! She said "I want you to have this one, now don't lose it, these are rare" I was overjoyed haha. Again it was probably because I was dressed all kitchy and cute, but it worked for me. Next time I'm going in goth to get that skeleton duck, haha.

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