Friday, May 15, 2015

The Great Garden Hose Battle

Okay forewarning kinda-  this post is going to be image heavy so I apologize to all of your computers- but all of these photos are gems and it was hard enough to narrow it down to these.
It has been hotter than blue blazes in Ohio this past week, and muggy as all get out, so I was trying to find the sprinklerin the basement so the dogs could frolic in the water and cool down. I knew Steve would be game because I squirted the hose at him once and he was ready to play. Bufford I figured would hang out on the porch and watch because he is dainty and hates to get wet or muddy. Well we couldn't find it, and we being extra counter productive(we were planning on cleaning the house, not destroying the basement to find a sprinkler), so Jared just headed out back and pulled out the hose and a water war broke out! Steve Stephens vs. the hose. It was hysterical! Steve kept forgetting or maybe didn't realize that Jared was controlling the hose and kept lunging at it as he snapped at the water. He looked so silly and happy. I'm editing together a highlight reel of clips of video I took of him too. Okay without further ado, here's some of the photos I snapped.(by the way it took me a minute but I figured out how to up my shutter speed, but it kinda made all of my photos dull in color. I should reed my camera manual probably...)


Haha, this looks like some weird version of those water squirting games they have at fairs and festivals.

Haha, yeah right.

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