Saturday, May 2, 2015

What I Wore - Coffee Queen

Long time no see! Sorry for the near 6 month hiatus. Winter is always awful, but my last two have been so heinous I basically want to curl up in bed and wait it out. My job got so stressful, that it wasn't fun anymore, and my hard work was going unrecognized. Pair that was a terrible "boss" who spread negativity like a contagious disease, and yeah, I was in a dark place. 
But like that favorite saying of mine that goes something along the lines of life is like an arrow, sometimes you get pulled back to get launched into the next great adventure. Off like an arrow I went! With the helpful pushes of my loved ones(huge shout out for Julia for the biggest shove to flip urban the bird and find a new job) I began to seek out new employment. I found a wine importer and distributor! They really liked me, but found a girl with more wine knowledge and hired her. Back into despair I fell as I received another no from another job.
Two months later, in a bout of food poisoning that left me feeling like I was close to death, I got an email from that wine place, saying another position had opened up and they wanted me! Glory Glory hallelujah!! I took the leap and I'm back to my old happy self again(I work with awesome people who let me be myself, I learned new stuff and gained my confidence back, and I made new friends!).
Oh, and I decided to dye my hair for the first time in 5 years or so. I'm on my way to lavender, going slow so as to not murder my follicles.
So even though I work a lot more now, I've been inspired to get back into blogging. So hopefully I can keep up momentum to keep this more updated. After I post this I'm going to update the about page as well, and hopefully a new welcome photo, because my hair has grown out a lot, and it's a year old... So on to this photo post!

Shirt - Forever 21
Jacket - Nasty Gal
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Modcloth

I'm not one to wear a shirt with some sort of phrase or graphic on it typically... but this one spoke to me. Obviously because I'm obsessed with coffee!
It's really hard to take outfit photos when simultaneously trying to babysit Steve. With Bufford he just slowly ambles around in the background, but Steve is looking to make a break for it and go off on a wild adventure 24/7. He's a handful. I'll make a post about him later, because I've been meaning to for eons. Anyway, I still managed to find some good locations for shoots, and was able to keep him pinned in this little cemetery I found. It got really hot today, it felt great! Summer is so close.
Okay, well, thanks for reading :)

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