Friday, March 11, 2016

366 - Week 7

53/366 - Opening at work and chugging an iced vanilla latte before any customers show up.
54/366 - Hanging out with my main man after a shower.
55/366 - Putting cds into my computer so I can eventually get an ipod and be rid of spotify haha.
56/366 - A rainy day and another latte

57/366 - Courtney works at JCP portrait studios and invited me in one day after work, of course I was all too happy to have photos of my beautiful baby taken!
58/366 - Posing my pin with two of my favorite pins.
59/366 - A bobba tea, not as good as any from cinci, but it'll tide me over in the meantime. Maybe I can learn to make my own...

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