Monday, March 28, 2016

Tales of Lush - A Treat Yo-self Story

Intergalactic bath bomb
A funeral brought me to Cincinnati last month(let me preface that with "Hi! I've never been to a funeral before!"), and afterwards I found myself searching for something to comfort myself with. The Kenwood mall didn't quite do it, but buying some bath products from Lush gave me something to look forward to. Skipping the nitty gritty and getting straight to the point- the Intergalactic bath bomb was the! That thing went right to work fizzing away and turned the tub into a sparkly galaxy. And holey moley did I smell amazing when I got out. It was quite the soothing experience I needed.

The cliche white girl with leg tattoo in the tub photo! Yay! Yes it's necissary!!
I also got Unicorn Horn which is a bubble bar. I've bought one before so you know it's tried and true beauty. It's a pink dream and it also left me smelling devine, but not as intensely as the bomb. Granted I also like the break my bubble bars into 2-3 chunks so I can get multiple uses.
In other words, if you're in need of some self-pampering, pick up some products and have a good soak. I also want to recommend Foxie Bombs if you would rather support a small business, which is the brainchild of Kayla, of Tennesse! (I just need instant gratification sometimes when I'm near the mall haha). Happy soaking!!

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