Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist!

I have been on a manhunt this week for jelly shoes. I've finally found a pair I'm head over heels for, and they're out of stock in my size :,( It says they're getting re-stocked this month though, so I'll be obsessively refreshing the page on American Apparel until they're mine!

To be Announced via Niki Takesh
Another shoe obsession, but sadly these are waaaaaaayyy waaay wayyyyyyyyy out of my price range. Crossing my fingers they go on sale someday!

Via Lousybeatnik
I've also been on a man-hunt for a big fluffy club-kid style coat. Seems they're a bit pricy on etsy though. I'm hoping I get lucky on a thrifting excursion.

Via krukrustudio
Still not sure what my fascination with banana shaped bags, but here it is. I would love to have this bag.

Via Modcloth
Apparently I really want more shoes this week... anyways, these are a must have! I can't wait until the get my size back in stock.

Via WhiteFauxTaxidermy
This awesome faux trophy deer coincides perfectly with my mint obsession.

Via Topshop
 This jacket is to die for. I think it's worth saving up for... I might just have to!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ah, that coat! I actually own something similar - & while I never actually had any escapades in it, it did make for an amazing photo shoot :) Sadly, it has moved with me to different addresses, hung in different closets, for several years now, because I am no longer feeling emotionally rich enough to pull it off ... but perhaps ? mebbe you shall inspire me :)

    1. That's awesome! You should post some pics, I'd love to see. Glad I inspired you :)

      I ordered the jacket, but sadly it was too larger and the smaller size is sold out :( Perhaps I'll get lucky thrifting and find something similar.