Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life lately

I didn't realize I went a whole month(and then some) without posting anything, so here's a few things I've been up to lately!

Jared, Sophie and I found a cute little local brunch type restaurant! It's called Sleepy Bee, and it's totally delicious(although a bit pricey). If you're into organic stuff and grass fed animals, this is the place for you.

Bathing this stinky sleepy beast. Don't let that smile fool you, he is miserable whenever he's in the tub. This is his least favorite pass time.

Watching this fella roll around on his new long board as much as he can before the weather gets too cold. Check that gnarly bruise... it's not from long boarding... he doesn't even remember what its from.

If you're near a krispy kreme, do yourself a favor and stop in and try the ghost busters donuts. They're incredible!

Miss Sophia got herself a new apartment all to herself(and Otis of course). I deemed myself the muscles for the day and helped her move in and get settled. Its looking adorable so far!

At our local kroger there is an awesome gentleman in the seafood department who always makes the most delicious samples. So delicious, that we always end up buying whatever he's dishing out. His most recent dish is salmon, and the people behind the counter will add all the spices and butter and seasonings you want, put it in a bag, and all you gotta go is cook it. It is SO FRIGGIN AWESOME and tasty!! We're obsessed. And look how pretty!

Mom, Duke and I went to visit Star the other day and on our way back we came across a little ice cream stand that just so happened to be open. Of course we stopped. I'd been craving a blue dipped cone and it hit the spot. There were signs in the window however, that advertised an apple spice sundae and that they're open until Novemeber, so it's safe to say I'll be back...
 And last but certainly not least, baby Willow entered the world! Jared's brother and sister-in-law's first little nugget. Holding her was kinda magical, as soon as she was in my arms I instantly felt so peaceful. I can't wait until she's old enough to play with us like Jared's other niece and nephew :)

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