Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spring Grove Cemetery

Watch out for these jerkwads.
Spring Grove is a huuuge beautiful cemetery here in Cincinnati. Sophie and I dipped our toes into it last winter, but the cold was biting and we couldn't stand it for very long. I took Bufford with me last week(which I was told after the fact that dogs actually aren't allowed, but none of the people working there said anything to us...) and we had a great time. It was probably one of the last hot days of fall, and the sun was shining. The leaves are all changing into the most beautiful shades, and the monuments and headstones and mausoleums are all breath taking. There were lots of people out having little photoshoots, but all I brought was my iphone. Still I took some decent shots, and Bufford had a good old time sniffing anything and everything. The swans pictured above were bullies, it made me laugh that anytime Bufford and I got near the water at any point in the ponds they would come over and hiss at as and follow us until we left. I thought maybe we were close to their nest but I didn't see anything and they came at us wherever we went. Crazy jerks. Anyway I would definitely recommend making a visit if you're in the area before it gets too cold!

"Mom! Who put this guy in here and what is he doing??"

"Yes, dis is a nice little lamb."

Truth, friendship, love.

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