Saturday, October 11, 2014

Red River Gorge

Sometime over the summer Jared came home and said his coworkers recommended we go hiking and camping at a place called Red River Gorge. Little did he know, my coworkers had also told me similar. It was decided that as soon as the weather cooled down(so we could bring Bufford) and we both had a day off together, we'd go down and check it out. Originally we planned to camp, but it ended up being a day trip(which is fine with me because I'm more of a sleep in my bed at the end of the day kinda gal anyway). Boy, did it blow my mind!

 The first stop off we checked out was the suspension bridge. There were a lot of nice friendly people out hiking.

Jared tried to climb this rock but lost his footing and slid all the way down and skinned his knee.

Bufford being the center of attention and the apple of everyone's eye as usual.

Some lion king dinguses.
Then we stopped at an area labled "Whistling Arch" which peaked my curiosity. When we first hiked out we were led to a rocky area and a neat arch and hole in the rock. That was fine and dandy until we noticed a little trail under the arch. Behind it was a small cliff that a family was scaling down. We patiently waited for them to descend and then we headed up. Boof was like a little mountain goat, he did most of the climbing himself! When we got to the top I pretty much fell to my knees in terror. We suddenly up on a huge cliff, and Bufford and Jared waltzed right up to the edge like it was no big deal. I was in the fetal position. I thought for sure my dog was gonna walk right off the edge and take Jared down with him. I'm convinced he has no depth perception, how else could he be that bold?!
Miles and miles...

Can you see the fear in my eyes?

This guy thinks he's a goat.


We stopped off at one last place because we knew the sun would go down after that. It was called Angel's Windows or something like that. No more cliffs, but lots of arches, and little overhang formations. Very very pretty.

I'm sure we didn't even see half of what's there, and I already can't wait to go back! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the outdoors and isn't afraid of heights :)

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