Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bufford's Birthday!

Today marks one year since we've adopted Bufford J. Carmikal(yes I made him a full name for when he's in trouble. No I don't know why he has a different last name, I just liked the ring of it)! Since we don't know his actual date of birth, we're celebrating it as his birthday. So he is officially 3 years old. To celebrate I bought him some special treats, including a tough new spiked collar, a "bully bone", and a birthday biscuit!

Here are some photos of our little celebration of our furry beast.

Lol! I didn't have time to buy birthday hats so we recycled new year's ones and Jared taped over "new". hahaha

Pouting, party pooper.

 Lol! didn't enjoy the hat.

Blowing out his candle!


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