Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Garden

Over the weekend, Jared and I went flower shopping! We got a little carried away(and someone was sticking flowers in my cart when I wasn't looking...) but it was definitely worth it because now we have a lovely little garden and will have delicious little fruits in the summer. Even the land-lord was pleased with our efforts and thanked us yesterday :)

Boof guarding the flowers :)

"Donchu be lookin' at deez flowaz"

I'm not actually sure what this is! It was already growing out front... it might just be a weed, but I just think its so pretty!

Baby Strawberries!

Mmm Basil. I love chopping it up and putting it on mozzarella covered tomatoes in the summertime :)
I hope nothing dies. I haven't quite gotten my mother and grandmother's green thumb yet. Wish me luck! Are you growing a garden for Spring? What's in it?

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