Sunday, May 27, 2012

Litte Thrift Haul!

The day before yesterday Jared and I went thrifting on our day off. I wasn't expecting to buy anything exciting because I think my camera collection might be growing too large. But I wanted to do something out of the house anyways. Boy, did we find a couple goodies!

I love needlepoint stuff, and this reminds me of Alaska. Plus it was only $.69!

This great pan! Which for some reason, Bufford decided to start licking while I was trying to photograph it :/ Weirdo dog.

This is THE BEST find. I found a polaroid with film still in it, for $.99. So I bought the whole thing figuring if the film was a dud, thinking some film I had at home would fit it. Well the film at home didn't fit, but! The film inside it did! (the shot above is a neat dud from when we were testing it at the thrift store)

See! I don't know how many are left inside but I can't wait to find out :D

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