Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raspberry Chocolate French Macaroons!

I've been dying to try macaroons since I first saw lovely pictures of them all over tumblr. However, I have never seen them for sale anywhere! So I looked up the recipe and found one that looked promising. I went to my Grammy for help, since I'm not the best cook, and I really wanted these to turn out. Not to mention she has way more cooking tools than I do :)

Ready to go in the oven! Cute little blobs :)

Grammy in her apron :)

mm, yum!

Macaroon Mountain!

Duke enjoying one :)

And Jared, haha.

And Grammy!

Oh Charmin, you wish! haha

Overall they turned out really well for our first attempt, and now we know how to make them even better next time! I definitely recommend taking a stab at it.

The recipe can be found here!

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