Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cady's Quesadillas!

I love quesadillas! It's like a delicious little mexican pizza and ahhh they're so easy to make. I'll share my recipe with you!

Ingredients: Soft Tortilla shells, fiesta blend shredded cheese, chopped/diced green chillies(canned), green onions, boneless chicken breast, taco seasoning, and sour cream(for dipping).

In a pan, place your chicken with about a mug full of water(you will need to add water if it evaporates. Basically keep enough in there so the chicken doesn't dry out or burn). Sprinkle the taco seasoning overtop and cook the chicken until it is done. If you've never cooked chicken, you might need a thermometer to tell, it should be at or above 165 degrees when it's done. You can also cut it in half to make sure the inside is fully cooked(if it's pink cook longer!!)

While the chicken is cooking, chop your green onions into little circles. You can also open the can of chillies. When the chicken is done, cut it into small bite sized pieces. 

In a pan large enough for your quesadilla, spray some pam so it doesn't stick. Turn on the stovetop to around medium or so, so that it's ready to cook when you're done assembling your quesadilla. On a plate, place one tortilla shell. Sprinkle cheese all over(this layer is like the "glue" so be gratuitous). Then sprinkle on as much chicken, green onions, and chillies you'd like. In fact, you can add other ingredients if you like! Whatever you like in your quesadilla :) Then another layer of cheese glue, a top tortilla, and you're ready to go! If a whole one is too big, you can just use one tortilla folded in half. In fact, its a lot easier to flip if you just do a half, but if you're really hungry and prefer circles, do two tortillas.

Carefully place the quesadilla in the pan. Check on it with a spatula after a moment and when it's light brown like in the photos its ready for a flip! You also might want to check inside that your cheese is melting and "glueing" so that when you flip it, toppings don't fly everywhere! Do the same to the other side and you're done! All that's left is to slice it with a pizza cutter and dish out a dollop of sour cream for dipping.

MMM YUMM. I made them for Jared and I the other night, all by myself while he did dishes :) Which is a feat for me because I hate to cook. haha. I like baking though! I'd much rather just order a sub from Jimmy John's and have it delivered to me haha, but this is much more worth it.

I hope you like it! Drop me a comment if you make a quesadilla of your own (:

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  • and hopefully more!
Thanks for reading! <3

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