Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sage Butter Pork

Pinterest recipe time! I've always been insecure about cooking pork chops... I have no idea why, maybe because I never made them growing up. Chicken? Sure! I'll make chicken all day. Veggie pizza? Of Course! Noodles? Oh yeah! Pork chop? NO NOPE NOOOO DON'T MAKE ME. Welp, finally decided to wing it and give it a whirl, and it is shockingly easy. I could go back in time and whap me upside the head with a newspaper over how easy this is and how I've been missing out all this time. It took like... maybe half an hour to make, and was so simple and delicious. Here's the recipe: Boop! I didn't really taste the sage at all, but I still liked it a lot!


Just being a good boy and staying out of my way while I cook :)

Final product! With steamed broccoli smothered in butter of course.

So proud of myself :)

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