Thursday, April 21, 2016

366 Project - Week 13

94/366 - Had a Mom day! We went to get Chinese food, then afterwards had frozen custard, and then took a nap.
95/366 - This is technially from Sunday, but the only pic I took was of my schedule so this will have to do. Duke looking lovely with a nice snapchat filter.

 96/366 - One of friends who frequent the coffee shop, Matt, surprised me with ice cream and totally made my day!
97/366 - Thrift Haul from an impromptu trip with Mom!

98/366 - Rachel came to town!! We got burritos and went shopping :)
99/366 - This leaves me with so many questions... spotted while walking Steve.

100/366 - And on the 100th day it snowed??? Come on April, get with the program :|

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