Sunday, April 3, 2016

Speakeasy Yoga

I'd set a goal for myself to take a class this year, but I wasn't set on what kind- maybe a dance class, maybe take Steve to obedience class and get human lessons, you know. One day at work, some lovely coasters showed up with all the flyers. The design peaked my curiosity, and I realized this lovely lady I know, Tori, had opened her own yoga studio downtown! I went to the website that night and was so into the idea, and the beginner discount was something I could swing no problem. So I signed up and got my roomate to sign up to(which sadly she only made it to one class because her job got so hectic with the Easter holiday). I have become OBSESSED. I love it so much you guys! Finally some exercise that I enjoy, and I really feel it. I can feel myself becoming healthier, and stronger, and more flexible, its so neat!
The front lobby.

Ideally what I wish my house looked like.


Line up your mats, and get ready!

The lovely view from inside.
sThe practice is in a room where the temperature is kept around 90 degress which you know I'm into because I'm a cold-blooded lizard lady who wants to live on a hot rock in direct sunlight at all times. So that right off that bat adds an element of difficulty, and I'm usually drenched in sweat by the end of class. There's three different classes: Strong- which is a fast paced kick you butt in a good way work out, Simple- which is good for beginners and a more gentler paced class, and Slow motion- which is good for stretching it way out and holding poses and getting really in tune with yourself. All classes focus on breathing as well which is nice because I've always liked meditation but have a hard time clearing my mind. This is like moving meditation, so my mind is focused on positioning my body correctly into each pose and keeping my breath steady and strong. Perfect.

They've got everything you might need to borrow - mats, blocks, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies to keep your mat in tip-top shape, and straps. There's also a shower room in case you have to hurry and head somewhere directly after class! Changing rooms as well.

I really love Speakeasy, I love how I feel after class- so fresh and new and strong, I love learning new moves and strengthing. I love getting to know new people there, and the teachers getting to know me and tease me like old friends. I love pretty much everything about it! If you're like me and you want a good work out and are not into running, you should probably give it a shot. Check out the website here and give the new student discount a whirl!

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