Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Gardening

The weather has been in peak conditions this week and my allergies have been off the wall. With zyrtec and nasacort in my system, I'm still able to function without looking like I've got two black eyes! I made a trip to the dollar tree for some cheap supplies and found a lot of fun gardening stuff, so I figured that would be a fun thing to do with my roomie. We also spent a day shopping around at various garden centers. I swear I'm becoming my Mom, I used to hate plant shopping now I'm so into it, I want to buy all the plants and I'm okay with it. So we planted all these seeds in pots for the the front yard, and I'm so excited for them to sprout! I hope I inherited my mother's green thumb as well. We bought some pansys for my hanging plant, and I got a cactus and a pathos plant for my room. It was a great day spent outside with Courtney!

Got my shovel form the spot at Target!

Grow babies, grow!!
I'll post progress shots as all the children grow :)

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