Monday, April 18, 2016

Mini Target Haul

Got a couple of cute things from Target with Rachel a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share!

"The spot" is my greatest weakness. I can never pass up the $1 and $3 goodies. These succulent cards are beautiful and I can't wait to send some out. The washi tape gives me Twin Peaks vibes for sure, might incorporate that into my pin packages, or just save it for scrapbooking. I plan to make my way out to Washington to see where the show was filmed at some point, so you know I'm going to have a barrage of photos from that journey.
Look how beautiful this journal is. Dunno if you know, but writing has been my greatest home therapy remedy since I was a teenager. Nothing like clearing out my brain and getting all those thoughts bouncing around in there onto paper. This brand had a few awesome looking notebooks, it came down to this one and one with bees. I'm going back for the bees next time!

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