Tuesday, April 12, 2016

366 Project - Week 11

80/366 - No Photo  :(
81/366 - Delicious pour overs(and plants) at work!
82/366 - There was a full moon, and I read up on smudging, so Sophie and I did a full moon ritual to cleanse negative energy and let go of stuff that no longer serves us. It was lovely.

83/366 -No Photo :(

84/366 - Vaccuumed out my car at my favorite place! The best part is when you're done, they have this gun shaped device that sprays out a scent of your choice into your car. I feel like a badass and have to take a photo every time.
85/366 - Always enamored with Speakeasy's interiors.

86/366 - Taking Easter pics with my little bunny in the cemetery :)

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