Sunday, April 10, 2016

366 Project - Week 9

67/366 - Snuggling my baby while watching The Life Aquatic
68/366 - Fantastic mail day! Got a really cute letter from Kaylah(which I still need to reply to eep) who runs The Dainty Squid. Also got this fantastic skirt from Lindy Bop! I need to have it altered though, it's a bit too large.

69/366 - Missed the photo this day :(
70/366 - Got a new phone, here's the first beautiful pic I took of us.
70/366 - Spent the day with Sophie, and we voted!!
71/366 - A busy day off of running around, getting my hair done, then grocery shopping with Sophie in the evening.

72/366 - Missed this day too :(

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