Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Wore- Owl Be Seeing You


Dress - c/o Modcloth
Hair Clip - c/o Modcloth
Tights - Target
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Steve Madden

I HATE heels. Hate them hate them hate them. Love wedges. Hate heels. I'm already really tall so I don't really need them, but I'm just gonna say it- they make my legs look great. I don't know if you've noticed but I have no calf muscles. I just have pencil straight legs. Its a weird thing to not really like about your body but whatever, it looks kinda weird to me. Heels give the illusion that I do have calves, which is cool. However, I am a clumsy awkward, and it takes all of my concentration to balance and pose not stupidly, so I had some not so lovely facial expressions in a lot of outtakes. So enjoy this rareness, there are the only shoes I have that match this outfit this well.

Anyway, this dress is adorable! Its from modcloth, and I love it! Its a bit tight around my armpits, but its otherwise great. The peter pan collar is sooo cute. I also tried to do my hair up in a 40s style :)

I wore this shopping today. I *tried* to sell a bunch of things to plato's closet, but those jerks never want my things. I'll go to 3 different stores, and each one will take different things :/ So I didn't make much money, but I did have a nice time out with Jared, and we got a few cute things. One of which, is Bufford's Christmas collar, which I'll feature in a future post. I also bought Jared a zombie book. Then he bought me some sweet paper lanterns and a christmas tree skirt from the thrift store. Now we're making dinner :)

Hope your Sunday was a funday!

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