Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Boof Hikes

Walking Bufford in the summer always gets really unnerving. English Bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion, which means they can overheat and die. Blame it on the adorable smushed snout, they just aren't able to properly cool themselves down. That being said, he gets SO bored and restless when it gets too hot so we try to take him out when it cools down enough to let him walk off his energy. This day we took him on a hike wasn't too hot, but imagine wearing a fur coat you can never remove. We wandered in thinking if he gets too hot we'll take him to the stream. It was getting to the point where he was slowing down and looking thirsty to we headed over to find the stream was dried up with stagnant pools. Boof likes to immerse himself up to his knees and chug after walking, so this simply wouldn't do. Luckily, as we hurried back to the car, the stream was running farther up so we led him in and he gulped away. I'm probably just a huge worry wart because if anything ever happened to my baby Boof, I'd be no good. Thankfully he was totally okay and had a great time, and I took these cute photos of him bathing in the oasis.

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