Thursday, August 7, 2014


 A few weeks ago I went swimming with my little brother Duke and Cousin Hailey at the Natural Springs Resort in New Paris. Its definitely one of my favorite places to go swimming. There's a diving board, a dock you can swim out too, and you can even go scuba diving in the deep part to see a submerged car. Anyway, my Mom was also in attendance too, but she didn't swim. At first I was just sunning on the beach with Mom, but the kiddos convinced me to dive in. I swam and swam until my body was achy. We tried to teach Hailey how to dive but it wasn't really working, and when I tried to dive off the diving board, I somehow managed to hurt my neck so that really didn't inspire grace or bravery in anyone. We still had a blast, and when we got tired, those two tried to catch fish with a net by luring them closer with Doritos.
On the was home we passed a cemetery with three fawns in it. I made Mom stop so I could attempt to take a piture. Once we got home, Mom made dinner and I was starving! I ate a huge steak, two and a half ears of corn on the cob, and a ton of caprese salad! Delicious. I wish every day off in summer could be like that day :)
Selfie time.

liddle deer.
Hope you're having fun in the sun too!

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